Cervical Scope

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Alpha Prototypes


Beta Prototypes



To design a cervical cancer inspection scope that:

  • Can be manufactured and sold at low cost to under resourced regions
  • Utilizes inexpensive and readily available components
  • Light weight and rugged
  • Require little maintenance and can be repaired with local resources

Design Features:

  • 8X Binocular viewing
  • Inter-ocular adjustment with self-alignment
  • Two color, independently controlled LED illumination
  • Self-contained power source using standard rechargeable batteries
  • Fully adjustable suspension system

Materials/Process Selection Criteria:

  • Targeting injection molding of optics alignment components
  • Adaptation of readily purchasable optics & electronics where possible
  • Designed for assembly with simple tools by locally trained workforce system.

Engineering Tools and Prototype Fabrication:

  • 3-D modeling for internal design reviews and layout
  • 3-D models and 2-D drawings with specifications for prototyping
  • CNC machining of components for 10 beta prototypes



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