Anatomical Model & Fixture

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Design and construct a custom anatomical lower body skeletal model for use in a clubfoot research project with the following characteristics/tasks:

  • Scale adult medical image data to fit a 5 year old male anatomy.
  • Customize hip and knee joint shape to allow for normal anatomical movement (rotation, flexion/extension, adduction/abduction).
  • Blend two models (normal pelvis/femur/tibia/fibula medical image data with existing data from Ponseti training model*) to obtain a realistic clubfoot anatomy.
  • Design a fixture matching the pelvis anatomy to fixate the model to a frame of reference

Customized Results

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STL model with true anatomical shape from pelvis to toes specified for Fused Deposition Modeling with ABS resin, including:

  • Spherical ball-and-socket hip joint.
  • Bolted hinge knee joint with slight lateral rotation.
  • Seamless transition to existing Ponseti training model* with 13 individually scaled bones of the foot.
  • Snap-fit design of the pelvis to the fixture.

*Reference: I.V. Ponseti, “Current concepts: Common errors in the treatment of congenital clubfoot,” International Orthopaedics, vol. 21, pp. 137-141, 1997.

Cervical Scope