Medical Telescope

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To design a miniature telescope that:

  • Is rugged yet low mass.
  • Is manufactured in large volumes.
  • Is accepted by the target population.

Design Features:

  • Damped low friction focus.
  • Shared components 4X and 6X mag.
  • Parallax compensation.
  • Sealed against dust intrusion.
  • Accepts filter and diopter accessories.

Materials/Process Selection Criteria:

  • Injection molded gear mechanisms.
  • Injection molded enclosure and optical housings.

Engineering Tools and Prototype Fabrication:

  • 3-D files for international design review.
  • Mass properties for weight management.
  • 3-D files for large scale prototyping.

Manufacturing Support:

  • Specify prototype and production suppliers.
  • Establish geometric tolerances for manufacturing process.

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