Concept Generation

Applied Technologies Concept GenerationA broad-brush overview of design intent through a detailed approach to unique engineering challenges.

Proof of Concept

As the project progresses we are able to guide the new product to eventual market introduction by developing proof of concept and fully functional prototypes, as well as concept models and rapid prototypes. If our client is looking for project management, we also have experience coordinating various human and capital resources scattered across various geographic locations, including other continents worldwide.

Business Development

Even the best of ideas is of little value without a definitive plan for implementation. Generally, the primary incentive for subjecting oneself to the investment in time and money required to bring a product to fruition is ultimate monetary reward. Even if the incentive is a quest for fame or purely altruistic, without a definitive plan there is little chance of success.


ATI utilizes its broad project experience to assist our clients both initially and throughout the project the development of business and technical strategies. We have experience providing guidance for business plans, financial plans, identifying sources of investment, and early stage marketing of a product. We are able to provide project and product cost estimates and feasibility analysis in the early project stages prior to the client’s commitment to full-scale product development.


Design & Engineering