Development & Testing

Development and Testing In addition to assistance with the selection of an existing material, ATI provides materials development services for custom-tailored compounds or alloys to meet the specific requirements of your application. ATI applies its materials expertise to oversee materials testing to ensure the materials characteristics meet the development criteria.  Some of the common materials characteristics include:

  • Strength
  • Stiffness
  • Impact Resistance
  • Weatherability
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Biocompatibility

ATI not only assists with standardized testing (e.g.: ASTM & ISO) but also develops test protocols and provides test apparatus specifically designed and fabricated to evaluate materials and products per your unique performance requirements including:

  • Thermal cycling
  • Elevated and reduced temperature performance
  • Mechanical fatigue
  • Structural integrity

ATI also provides testing support for third party licenses and approvals such as UL and FDA.

Process Development
Prototype Support