Battery Processing Tray

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Tray Design Features:

  • Capability to support and locate 128 battery cells.
  • Maximum deflection 0.02 inch with 12 pound load.
  • 128 battery cells maintain center to center tolerance of 0.01 inch.
  • Design readily accepts battery cells while inhibiting their movement.
  • Used in caustic chemical environment.
  • High temperature and fire resistance.

Material Selection Criteria

  • Chemical and creep resistant, fire retardant.
  • Dimensional stability, moldability.
  • Cost effectiveness.

Engineering Tools and Services:

  • 3-D computer aided design, documentation, communication.
  • Finite element analysis predicted tray deflection.
  • Mold fill analysis confirmed moldability, gate location count placement.
  • ATI evaluated SLS prototypes and molded unit to conform to specs.


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