Industrial CCD Camera


To design a low cost industrial camera that:

  • Performs closely to competitive devices.
  • Is usable in a broad range of pick-and-place situations.
  • Has model growth flexibility.

Design Features:

  • Accepts standard lenses and mounts.
  • Very low cost compared to competition.
  • Structural stability high vibration environment.
  • Corporate aesthetic theme.
  • Aluminum extrusion, aluminum die cast.
  • Electro-magnetic interference resistant.

Engineering Tools and Prototype Fabrication:

  • 3-D Computer Aided Design, documentation.
  • Acquire, evaluate prototype parts using 3-D files.
  • Export 3-D files for printed circuit board design.

Manufacturing Support:

  • Locate extrusion and die cast suppliers.
  • Establish geometric tolerances for manufacturing process.

Materials/Process Selection Criteria:

  • Cast and extruded aluminum alloys.
  • Common aesthetic surface treatments.
  • Chemically resistant vibration dampers.


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