Handheld Barcode Scanner

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  • Design a handheld, battery-operated scanner that is capable of handling a variety of electronics modules options.
  • Must be able to scan barcodes and read RFID tags.
  • Must be able to transmit data via IR.
  • Must be inexpensive at large production volumes.

Notable Challenges:

  • Coordination of mechanical engineering activities with remotely located program manager, electrical engineer, and manufacturing facility.
  • Nimble design approach to accommodate business-driven changes, technical requirements throughout the evolution of the program.

Design Versatility:

  • Accommodated both co-existing and/or mutually exclusive electronics modules by incorporating multiple mounting mechanisms into the housing design.
  • Maintained a low weight and small size in a low power consumption device to maintain ease of use and portability.

Scan Technology Management:

  • Designed parts that were both optically and radio frequency transparent.
  • Device design allows for on-the-fly reconfiguration to either barcode scanning or RFID reading during the manufacturing process.

Design for High-Volume Production:

  • Optimized final cost through a combination of both injection molded plastic parts and sheet metal stamping in the device.
  • Plastics components designed for economical multi-cavity injection molding.


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