Handheld Color Scanner

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To design a handheld industrial color scanner that:

  • is hand held with docking station
  • employs intuitive controls and displays
  • is usable in aggressive environments

Design Features:

  • soft touch overmold, free form design
  • soft touch controls, feed back controls
  • no exposed fasteners, miniaturization
  • twist shutter mechanism internal
  • charging station with calibration

Engineering Tools and Prototype Fabrication:

  • 3-D files for international design review
  • 3-D files for large scale prototyping

Materials/Process Selection Criteria:

  • Injection molded mechanisms
  • Injection mold overmold, soft controls
  • Sheet metal subframes

Manufacturing Support

  • Locate and export files prototype, production suppliers
  • Establish geometric tolerances for manufacturing process



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