Aviation VME bus Electronic Enclosure

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Design Features:

  • All aluminum structure, rainwater resistant, forced cooled air.
  • Enclosure design meets rigid EMI requirements.
  • Design meets 20 G shock, 1.5 G vibration standards.
  • Design operates over a wide range of temperature and altitude.
  • Enclosure contains 7 VME cards, backplane, fan.
  • Unit dissipates 350 watts thermal load.

ATI Component Design and Specifications:

  • External enclosure, fan mount, card guides, power supply mount.
  • Heat sink, specifications for air filters, EMI gaskets.
  • Electrical interconnects, fan, EMI filters.

Engineering Tools and Services

  • 3-D computer aided design, documentation, communication.
  • 3-D files exported for tool path to build production parts.
  • Research for OEM components such as air filters, EMI filters.





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