Blog Entry #8 May 31, 2017: Ann Arbor, Lavonia, & Saline, MI

By coincidence, on the day that we left Cary, NC on this trek, there arose a need to visit a potential supplier in Lavonia, MI (30 miles from Ann Arbor) for a client. Since that fit with our travel schedule, we elected to have me make the visit while we were in that region on our trek.

On the morning of May 31st I delivered Jean to a another former Saline neighbor and friend of 40 years to spend the day catching up on events in their lives and then headed off to the potential supplier in Lavonia.

Owing to the heavily traveled, high speed route from Ann Arbor to Lavonia, I rented a car better suited than the 55mph Jeep for the trip.

At the close of my visit to the supplier, I returned to Saline to spend some time with our Saline friends before Jean and I returned to our Ann Arbor lodging for the evening. A successful day on all counts.

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