Blog Entry #2 Monday September 1, 2014 – Ticonderoga

I am writing you from Fort Ticonderoga on the western bank of Lake Champlain in eastern New York State. Jean felt I could use some history learn’n so we elected to visit the Fort and spend the night in the town of Ticonderoga. For the past 90 years, a private foundation has been undertaking an impressive restoration of the Fort and grounds; including several informative indoor displays. A docent decked out in authentically fashioned garb gave an excellent oration on the part that the Fort played in American history from the French and Indian War through the American Revolution. The 155 mile trip from Oneida, NY to Ticonderoga was largely a peaceful drive over winding 2-lane back-country roads. Traffic was light with most fellow travelers local and in no particular hurry. Not holding up traffic is always upmost on our minds, so on the few occasions where we were not able to maintain sufficient speed or where others wish to exceed our 55mph cruising speed, we were able to pull onto broad berms and let traffic pass.

9-1-14 Jean at Fort Ticonderoga

 Jean at Fort Ticonderoga

9-1-14 Lake George

Lake George

Well, that is it for this evening. Tomorrow we are off to western Maine in preparation for the next days’ run to Bar Harbor, Maine for a few days in Acadia National Park and surroundings before heading south to northern New Hampshire for the start of the 6-day Sentimental tour of that area with members of the Antique Automobile Club of America.

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