Dan Goes to Chicago

This week, Dan will be attending the Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers in Chicago.  As a Board Member of the Medical Plastics Division and the Technical Program Committee Chair for the Division’s 2010 Annual Technical Conference, Dan will be attending Divisional Board and Business meetings and receiving training for the TPC roll.

While in Chicago, Dan will be attending the National Plastics Exposition which is being held in conjunction with SPE’s Annual Technical Conference.  Dan has a 40+ year history of plastics materials and applications development; starting with the position of Plastics Engineer at the Dow Chemical Company in the late ‘60’s, followed by 23 years with Thermofil, Inc. achieving the rank of Vice President of Research & Development, and continuing on to today as Founder and President of Applied Technologies, Inc. a 16 year old Product Design and Engineering firm based in Cary, North Carolina; specializing in device development for the medical, industrial, and commercial fields.

Dan can be contacted at dan@ati-engineers.com.

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