Custom and Low-Volume Manufacturing

Rapid manufacturing, biomodeling, custom fixturing.

Automated Assembly & Test Equipment

As an integral part of ATI’s full service commitment to its clients, we regularly provide assembly, filling, testing, and measurement equipment. Whether it is a simple fixture for securing a component during an assembly or evaluation process, or a highly complex, automated system for hands-free assembly or validation, ATI provides uniquely productive, reliable and cost […]

Manufacturing Support

Production Supplier Identification and Selection (Tooling, molding, stamping, machining and secondary operations) As a part of our full service commitment to our clients, ATI provides support leading up to and throughout the manufacturing phase of the product realization cycle. Drawing from decades of successful product introduction and longstanding relationships with regional and international providers, ATI […]

Process Development

Whether engineering a totally new product or refining an existing one; establishing a cost efficient and reliable manufacturing process is as critical as the selection of materials or the design of the product. The manufacturing process is a key component in determining the cost, performance and reliability of the product. Like the three legs of […]

Development & Testing

Plastics, elastomers, metals and adhesives.

Prototype Support

SLA, SLS, CNC, molding, stamping and secondary operations

Materials Selection

Materials selection goes hand-in-hand with the design and fabrication process; playing a critical role in the ultimate performance and cost effectiveness of the final product.The first step in successful materials selection is identifying the critical requirements of the material.  See the free tools section of our web site for more. Once the requirements are accurately […]

Computer Aided Engineering

Finite Element Analysis (structural, thermal, vibration and fluid dynamics), mold fill analysis

Design & Engineering

Actualization of design concepts with attention to form, function, manufacturability and cost.

Concept Generation

Broad-brush overview of design intent through a detailed approach to unique engineering challenges.


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