Drawing on a diverse history of product development projects, ATI regularly meets the challenges of commercial applications ranging from sports equipment and training devices to transportation components. It is often possible to use technologies from one product sector in meeting the needs of another. ATI is acutely aware of the role that product cost plays in the successful commercialization of a product. Through appropriate design and the judicious selection of purchased components, materials and manufacturing process, ATI works with you to minimize cost while maximizing product quality and reliability.

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  Background: The inventor of the Safe-T-Stool, a non-tipping stepping stool, came to ATI seeking assistance in designing a stool that could provide the strength and rigidity to support high weight levels. Design Tasks: Characterize the load bearing characteristics of the Safe-T-Stool Process: • Conduct Structural Finite Element Analysis of the proposed stool design • […]

Golf Shot Simulator

Design Tasks: Create a portable enclosure that: withstands repeated golf club strikes precisely aligns electronic emitters and sensors positions and protects internal solid state electronics provides an appealing and user-friendly product Materials/Process Selection: Select materials and manufacturing processes that: provide a durable and attractive package meet criteria for economical selling price Manufacturing Support Provide files […]

Vehicle Air Filter Housing

  Design Features and Improvements: Plastic design eliminated metal welding, painting, 7 sheet-metal stampings. Design reduced operational noise and vibration. Design improved air flow and filtration efficiency. Design adapted various mounting configurations for easy filter replacement. Material Selection Criteria: Chemical and stress resistant. Creep resistant, moldability. Cost effectiveness. Engineering Tools and Services: 3-D computer aided […]

Handheld Color Scanner

  Objective: To design a handheld industrial color scanner that: is hand held with docking station employs intuitive controls and displays is usable in aggressive environments Design Features: soft touch overmold, free form design soft touch controls, feed back controls no exposed fasteners, miniaturization twist shutter mechanism internal charging station with calibration Engineering Tools and […]

Aviation VME bus Electronic Enclosure

  Design Features: All aluminum structure, rainwater resistant, forced cooled air. Enclosure design meets rigid EMI requirements. Design meets 20 G shock, 1.5 G vibration standards. Design operates over a wide range of temperature and altitude. Enclosure contains 7 VME cards, backplane, fan. Unit dissipates 350 watts thermal load. ATI Component Design and Specifications: External […]