Case Studies

  Background: The inventor of the Safe-T-Stool, a non-tipping stepping stool, came to ATI seeking assistance in designing a stool that could provide the strength and rigidity to support high weight levels. Design Tasks: Characterize the load bearing characteristics of the Safe-T-Stool Process: • Conduct Structural Finite Element Analysis of the proposed stool design • […]


Off Road Vehicle Control System
Electronics Design: Incorporates 8 compound electronic switches in the gear shift body providing Nineteen functions. Design included printed circuit board and electronics supporting each Switch function Control system electronics enclosed in compact and ergonomic structure. Component Design: Specified switch components with force/deflection and multifunctional actuation. Enclosure incorporates multi-shot interior with soft touch exterior. Control system […]
Electrical Transmission Line Inspection Tools
    In developing a number of high voltage power transmission inspection tools, ATI has developed expertise in the area of power transmission applications. A few of the critical skills acquired and refined throughout device development include: Managing transmission line voltage and corona Requirements for temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 250ºC Designing for hot stick […]
Design Tasks:   Create a spool to: Maximize flatness and parallelism of the flanges Minimize tolerance of distance between the flanges Maximize flange and assembly rigidity Facilitate bonding of the flange bodies Provide a functional and distinguishable flange rib geometry Materials/Process Selection:   Select materials and manufacturing processes that: Provide a durable and attractive product […]
Industrial Floor Mats
    The Challenges: How do you bring innovation to a well established product line of industrial floor mats? How do you establish first-time injection molding capability for a large and detailed product? The Solution: Have the POLYMERS CENTER OF EXCELLENCE assist with the design of a floor mat with a unique combination of features. […]
Handheld Barcode Scanner
    Objective: Design a handheld, battery-operated scanner that is capable of handling a variety of electronics modules options. Must be able to scan barcodes and read RFID tags. Must be able to transmit data via IR. Must be inexpensive at large production volumes. Notable Challenges: Coordination of mechanical engineering activities with remotely located program […]
Battery Processing Tray
Tray Design Features: Capability to support and locate 128 battery cells. Maximum deflection 0.02 inch with 12 pound load. 128 battery cells maintain center to center tolerance of 0.01 inch. Design readily accepts battery cells while inhibiting their movement. Used in caustic chemical environment. High temperature and fire resistance. Material Selection Criteria Chemical and creep […]
Industrial CCD Camera
Objective: To design a low cost industrial camera that: Performs closely to competitive devices. Is usable in a broad range of pick-and-place situations. Has model growth flexibility. Design Features: Accepts standard lenses and mounts. Very low cost compared to competition. Structural stability high vibration environment. Corporate aesthetic theme. Aluminum extrusion, aluminum die cast. Electro-magnetic interference […]
Industrial Product Development
ATI’s in-depth familiarization with a wide rage of manufacturing processes enables us to provide useful and useable solutions to the challenges of the industrial workplace. ATI’s team of seasoned engineers applies their decades of shop floor experience to design products that meet the demands of the industrial environment. The scope of industrial product solutions developed […]


Golf Shot Simulator
Design Tasks: Create a portable enclosure that: withstands repeated golf club strikes precisely aligns electronic emitters and sensors positions and protects internal solid state electronics provides an appealing and user-friendly product Materials/Process Selection: Select materials and manufacturing processes that: provide a durable and attractive package meet criteria for economical selling price Manufacturing Support Provide files […]
Vehicle Air Filter Housing
  Design Features and Improvements: Plastic design eliminated metal welding, painting, 7 sheet-metal stampings. Design reduced operational noise and vibration. Design improved air flow and filtration efficiency. Design adapted various mounting configurations for easy filter replacement. Material Selection Criteria: Chemical and stress resistant. Creep resistant, moldability. Cost effectiveness. Engineering Tools and Services: 3-D computer aided […]
Handheld Color Scanner
  Objective: To design a handheld industrial color scanner that: is hand held with docking station employs intuitive controls and displays is usable in aggressive environments Design Features: soft touch overmold, free form design soft touch controls, feed back controls no exposed fasteners, miniaturization twist shutter mechanism internal charging station with calibration Engineering Tools and […]
Aviation VME bus Electronic Enclosure
  Design Features: All aluminum structure, rainwater resistant, forced cooled air. Enclosure design meets rigid EMI requirements. Design meets 20 G shock, 1.5 G vibration standards. Design operates over a wide range of temperature and altitude. Enclosure contains 7 VME cards, backplane, fan. Unit dissipates 350 watts thermal load. ATI Component Design and Specifications: External […]


Anatomical Model & Fixture
Objective: Design and construct a custom anatomical lower body skeletal model for use in a clubfoot research project with the following characteristics/tasks: Scale adult medical image data to fit a 5 year old male anatomy. Customize hip and knee joint shape to allow for normal anatomical movement (rotation, flexion/extension, adduction/abduction). Blend two models (normal pelvis/femur/tibia/fibula […]
Cervical Scope
  Alpha Prototypes   Beta Prototypes   Objectives: To design a cervical cancer inspection scope that: Can be manufactured and sold at low cost to under resourced regions Utilizes inexpensive and readily available components Light weight and rugged Require little maintenance and can be repaired with local resources Design Features: 8X Binocular viewing Inter-ocular adjustment […]
Medical Telescope
Objective: To design a miniature telescope that: Is rugged yet low mass. Is manufactured in large volumes. Is accepted by the target population. Design Features: Damped low friction focus. Shared components 4X and 6X mag. Parallax compensation. Sealed against dust intrusion. Accepts filter and diopter accessories. Materials/Process Selection Criteria: Injection molded gear mechanisms. Injection molded […]
Personal Pill Dispenser
Objectives: Complete early stage development of a device which is capable of regulating dosages of narcotic or other controlled medications to patients in an FDA-approved device.   Key Features: Consistently and accurately delivers a single dosage on a timed schedule. Resists tampering and provides evidence of intrusion. Capably communicates with a base station through wireless […]
Metered Dose Inhaler, Spacer/Diffuser
Objective: Design an efficient, low-cost, FDA approved, inhalation therapy drug delivery device for volume production that: Outperforms competitive devices. Reduces drug plate-out due to static charge. Improves drug dispersion in the air steam. Is usable by a broad range of patients. Engineering Tools and Prototype Fabrication   Acquire and evaluate rigid and elastomeric parts using […]