Blog Post #8 October 2nd & 3rd, 2015 – Sanibel Island

We spent the morning October 2nd over a leisurely breakfast on Sanibel Island waiting for the tide to go out.  The hotel kindly extended our check-out time to noon so that we would have time to do some low-tide shelling.  Naturally, after about 10 minutes of shelling in the mind baking sun, I was ready to bolt – but stood patiently by, scooping up handfuls of shell fragments as Jean patiently examined each of her finds for its worthiness.  We can away with a handful of “worthy” specimens.

During our stay on Sanibel Island, we contacted our longtime friends (if you can believe that anyone would be my friend for a long time) who had moved from Cary, NC to Apollo Beach, FL, about 4 hours north of Sanibel Island by Jeep (2.5 hours for anyone else).  Janine and Rob graciously invited us to have dinner and spend the evening with them at their home in Apollo Beach.  On the way to their home, we passed a sign for what appeared to be a Tattoo Dentist – now, doesn’t that conjure up a vision or two of someone whose smile reveals a snake, dolphin, or perhaps scull-and-crossbones on their gums. That evening Janine treated us to a delicious manicotti dinner; very light cheese filling in a crepe type wrapping – hey, I never said I was a food editor.  Anyway the food was great, the company charming, and the surroundings in their lovely home which they personally tastefully refreshed with all updated appointments.  The next morning after a walking tour of the adjoining bay, we bid Janine and Rob adieu on October 3rd and Jean and I were off to our next stop – puppy hunting.


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