Blog Post #5 September 28th & 29th 2015 – Key West & the Dry Tortugas

We spent Monday, the 28th touring the old town section of Key West.  We took a tour trolley excursion of the island, did the obligatory visit to Hemmingway’s home (and 58 cats), lunched in a modest Japanese restaurant, poked our noses into several shops, churches, and some of the 138 “eclectic” bars on the island.  This was topped off with quiet pizza in a strip mall near our hotel that evening.


Tuesday, the 29th, Jean and I took the Yankee Freedom III 2-hour boat trip to Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas; a group of modest islands that occupy the southwestern most location in the US.  Nineteenth century Fort Jefferson is the largest masonry structure in the United States.  It was never completed due to an unfortunate tendency to sink into the sand – go figure; and never fired a shot in anger.  It was fun to tour and Jean and I did see some sea life while snorkeling in the waters surrounding the fort – including a jelly fish who befriended her.

9-29-15 Yankee Freedom III

9-29-15 Approaching Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas

9-29-15 Jelly fish, Dry Tortugas

One sobering incident reminded us of just how fortunate we are to be in the position we are.  About 30 miles off shore we came upon an abandoned makeshift skiff; most probably used to transport Cuban refugees (perhaps as many as 30 at a time) 90 miles from Cuba to islands off the USA’s southern coast.  Here we were enjoying a leisurely cruise on a large comfortable ship for pure entertainment while other much less fortunate (often just by chance of birth) were risking – and often loosing – their lives for a chance to survive in a better place.  It inspired me to do more.

9-29-15 Makeshift Cuban boat

After an upscale dinner in the old town section of Key West (I can still remember the scrumptious Key Lime Pie), Jean and I retired to the hotel to rest up for the next stage of our trek.

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