Blog Entry #10 September 1 & 2, 2013 – Grand Tetons National Park (continued)

Explored Grand Teton National Park with our daughter’s family on September 1st and 2nd.  On Sunday, September 1st we drove up to Jenny Lake, a 1-1/2 mile diameter lake bounded by the moraines left by the last glacial period.  Its waters are crystal clear and around 65 degrees F.  We first attempted to follow a trail around its perimeter to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point, an elevated area from which one can view the surrounding terrain.  However; some distance in, the original trail was closed for construction and we got ourselves sidelined down a path that eventually led to nowhere.

We returned to the starting point of the trail at the Visitors Center and decided to take a ferry across to the base of Inspiration point.  Jean and I stayed on the ferry and returned to the Visitors Center to look around while the young’ns made the trek up to Inspiration Point after viewing Hidden Falls.  They returned on a subsequent ferry.

Nice day with great weather.  One of the grandchildren rode up to Jenny Lake with me in the Jeep from our lodgings and another rode with me on the way back.  On the return trip we elected to pass through the town of Jackson to stop for more groceries – those boys can eat.  The streets were filled with tourists in for the Labor Day weekend and we had fun blasting old songs on the Jeep’s radio as we passed slowly through the town’s traffic.

On September 2, 2013 we returned to the Grand Tetons National Park; this time stopping at a look-out along the Snake River and at the Colter Bay Visitors Center along Jackson Lake before hiking to the top of  Grand View Point approximately 7,800 feet in elevation.  It drizzled most of the day, which gave us a different perspective on the area.  The Teton Mountain Range was looming ever present to our west with strata of clouds running at varying elevations along its length throughout the day.

Returned to our lodgings with just the right level of tiredness and soggyness to make it a perfect and memorable day.  Off to terrorize Yellowstone tomorrow.


Elk antler arch in the center of Jackson, Wyoming’s tourist section


Home that we rented south of Grand Teton National Park – roughing it


Luke, Eli & Tommy in Grand Teton National Park


Jean & Dan in Grand Teton National Park


Jenny Lake with the Teton Range in the Background


Jeanette, Luke, Tommy, Mark, & Eli at Snake River Overlook with the Teton Range in the background


Luke, Tommy, Jeanette, Mark & Eli at Grand View Point – elevation 7,823 feet


View east from Grand View Point in Grand Teton National Park – elevation 7,823 feet


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3 Responses to “Blog Entry #10 September 1 & 2, 2013 – Grand Tetons National Park (continued)”

  1. Shouldn’t be hard to catch us with our 55mph to speed. We are currently 90 miles north of Yellowstone NP on our way to Glacier.

  2. My son in law parents are following you guys. They were at the antler spot in Jackson today according to their FB post. Told them to be on the lookout for you.

  3. Don Root says:

    Dan and Jean,
    What beautiful country! You guys’s look great and the Jeep still looks pretty good too.
    Have fun and happy trails.
    I will be having lunch with Cavallo and Banashak on 9/11, I will try to call you so we can all say “Hi”.
    Don Root