Blog entry #4 August 15, 2013 – On the road; Cary, NC to Johnson City, TN

 Finally got on the road at 10:30am today.  With all the personal and company organization to do in preparation for the trek, Jean and I actually did not start packing for the 2 month trek until this am.  Several folks asked if we had a list of things to do in preparation for the trip.  Actually, I did; the first item on the list as to make a list – well we never got that far.

8-15-13 Getting ready to depart on our trek (1)

Jean and Dan as they prepare to leave on their 10,000 mile trek (think they will still be as chummy at the end?)

Packed the Jeep with engineering precision; taking weight, frequency of need, and value of each item into account in determining its placement in the Jeep’s bed.  Just wait until day two… Decided to leave the rear seats at home for space and weight considerations.

8-15-13 packed Jeep interior

 Strategic packing at the start of the trek (just wait until the first stop)

 Anyway, after topping off the tank at a local station we were on our way – well almost.  Just five miles down the road on NC 64, the wireless sensor for the GPS flew off its perch on the cowl in front of the windshield.  With uncanny accuracy, a car 100 yards behind us trampled the sensor as it slid down the roadway.  Must have been a skeet shooter.  Fortunately, Jean had a wired back-up which she got working with the DeLorme GPS software on our tablet within minutes.  Not that we needed it at that point, just that it prevented me from going ballistic in a confined space just 3 feet from her in the first moments of a 200 hr trip together.

8-15-13 heading west on NC 64 near Asheboro, NC

Heading West on NC 64 near Asheboro NC

Stopped in Lexington, NC for some great local barbecue and proceeded northwest to challenge the eastern range of the Appalachians.  For those not familiar with the handling characteristics of early Jeep Station Wagons; well, it takes some finesse to maintain any level of progress on curvy, hilly roads.  With 72 hp, drum brakes all around, and marginal steering performance; one must continuously anticipate the next change in elevation (up or down) and change of road direction.  Fortunately, our wagon’s components, although authentic, are in pretty much top shape. A newly rebuilt engine, electronic overdrive and Planar independent front suspension, all stock, did their part to get us through in fairly respectable shape.

Tomorrow we tackle the western side of the range with Bowling Green, KY as our destination.

Willys Trek 1950 Willy Jeep Overland Drive Through Western NC


Drive through Western NC

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