Blog Entry #26 September 29, 2013 – Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

On Sunday morning September 29th we left Las Vegas on our Trek to Zion National Park.  As far as we could determine, much of the 125 mile stretch from Las Vegas, Nevada to Littlefield, Arizona used by the original 1920 Park-to-Park Tour group has been covered over by I-15.  We usually avoid Interstates; however, since there did not appear to be any other reasonable route from Las Vegas to Zion National Park, we decided to take I-15.  We tried our best to stay out of the way of the faster vehicles (basically everyone else on the road).

We stopped off at Valley of Fire State Park, just a few miles east of Interstate I-15, which was on the 1920 Park-to-Park Tour route (called Red Rock Canyon at that time). Turned out to be another memorable experience for us.  The Park is filled with a unique collection of large vivid convoluted red sandstone mounds amidst course sand rolling hills.

Then proceed to our lodging in Springdale, Utah at the southern entrance to Zion National Park.


Jeep in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada


Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada


Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

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