Educational Experiences

A key principle at ATI is the notion that our experience in engineering principles and practices are intended to be shared with the next generation of engineers.  We hope that these current and future engineers can benefit from the knowledge we pass on, build on it, and come up with the next great feat of engineering that improves the quality of life for all!Recently, we hosted a small group (between 10 and 15) of middle school-aged home schooled students in our office in Cary to demonstrate what it is that an engineer does.  We weren’t able to showcase the really cool stuff, like testing power transmission line equipment with 300,000+ Volts, laying miles and miles of fiber optic cables on the ocean floor, or using low-cost medical equipment to improve healthcare in low-income countries.  However, we were able to show them the evidence of it.

After spending some time learning about the design process, materials, and what sort of projects we do here at ATI (which is just about anything under the umbrella of engineering), we demonstrated CAD and even let the students design some of their own on SolidWorks.  After returning home, the students from the Career Exploration Coop ( have a better idea of what an engineer does.  There’s always the chance we converted one or two into future engineers as well!

In the past, ATI has engaged in other educational activities for all age groups such as delivering presentations at meetings for engineering-related societies, traveling to instruct professionals in Israel in plastics molding processes, guest lecturing at universities around the state, and even teaching a standalone class at UNC Charlotte.  If you have an educational opportunity in mind or would like to organize something with us, contact Dan at to arrange it.

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