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Applied Technologies Now Accepting Credit Cards

Applied Technologies, Inc. will now be accepting credit cards as a means of payment for services. “We made this move in order to broaden project financing options for our clients and make payment more convenient.” said Dan Fuccella, Founder and President. ATI accepts client payments using Visa®, MasterCard®, or Discover® credit cards.

Blow Molding Processes for Plastics

Different types of blow molding processes for plastics.

Managing New Product Development

No doubt, there are as many ways to manage the development of a new product as there are new products to be developed.

National Plastics Exposition/Annual Technical Conference Event in Orlando

I just returned from a very informative pair of plastics events in Orlando, Florida. A joint event of the National Plastics Exposition produced by the Society of the Plastics Industry and the Annual Technical Conference organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers was held at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando this week. The National […]

Robotic Electric Transmission Device Development

The Challenge:  How to efficiently inspect the nationwide web of electric transmission lines, often in locations that are remote, to find trouble spots before they create a problem. The Solution:  Our client is developing a workhorse robotic device, using high-definition visual and infra-red spectrum cameras with advanced image processing to inspect the right-of-way and component […]

Designing Medical Devices for the Developing World (Part 4)

In the rare case where a developing world hospital does have access to skilled technicians for medical equipment repair, the issue of acquiring replacement parts still exists. The main benefit to having skilled technicians in developing world hospitals is having the ability to perform preventative maintenance which can dramatically reduce the prevalence of out-of-service medical […]

Designing Medical Devices for the Developing World (Part 3)

As touched on previously, one of the biggest issues in developing world health care is lack of funds to acquire and maintain medical equipment. To help alleviate this issue, certain design considerations should be kept in mind, including 1) designing for low-cost, 2) ease of maintenance, 3) use in non or intermittent power situations, 4) […]

Designing Medical Devices for the Developing World (Part 2)

To provide some context to our discussion of device design for the developing world a review on device designs which have been completed or are still in the development phase may be beneficial. Spearheading the effort in designing medical devices for the developing world can be most notably attributed to academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. […]

Designing Medical Devices for the Developing World (Part 1)

Low-resourced communities in the developing world are faced with a wide array of difficulties which often adversely affect the health of the population as well as the surrounding environment.  These communities lack the technical knowhow, funds, and governmental/in-country support to adequately alleviate the existing problems on their own.  Therefore, outside individuals and organizations are needed […]

Step1: Needs Assessment – Why & How it is Utilized

Often, a client will come to us saying, “we have a problem, what can you engineer to alleviate it?”  Or, “I have an idea for a product, how can you engineer my idea?”  These questions by the client may not have been thought through to the point where all the underlying details which affect the […]

Patent Awarded

Applied Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce that Robert C. Lynch, a Senior Design Engineer at ATI, has been awarded a patent as a co-inventor of the Vortex Metered Dose Inhaler Holding Chamber.  The product had previously been patented in Europe and is currently sold in both Europe and the US.Among the design features contributed […]

Educational Experiences

A key principle at ATI is the notion that our experience in engineering principles and practices are intended to be shared with the next generation of engineers.  We hope that these current and future engineers can benefit from the knowledge we pass on, build on it, and come up with the next great feat of […]

Dan Goes to Chicago

This week, Dan will be attending the Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers in Chicago.  As a Board Member of the Medical Plastics Division and the Technical Program Committee Chair for the Division’s 2010 Annual Technical Conference, Dan will be attending Divisional Board and Business meetings and receiving training for the TPC […]

Upcoming Event

ATI will be attending the upcoming Advanced Medical Technologies Networking event being held by Wake County Economic Development. The event is Thursday, June 25 from 5:30-7:30PM.We previously attended the first event held by Wake County Economic Development for Medical Device profesionals in the area and saw both familiar and new faces.  That event was at ArtSpace in March.  […]

Brand New Approach to ATI News

Hello everyone,As a measure to find a better way to reach out to our clients and provide the information they need, ATI is starting a blog here for you to follow.  This will serve the function that the news page on our website previously had, though we plan to include even more and better information […]