Blog entry #6 (March 27, 2004) Bayou Tour, Pearlington, MS.


Jeep inspection and maintenance having been completed, Jean and I headed off for a guided tour of bayou country east of New Orleans.  That evening, on our way back to Biloxi, I could not resist pulling into a well-aged junk yard that I had spotted on the way to bayou country to see if there might be an old Jeep wagon rotting away somewhere.  There we meet Brian and Brian, proprietors of Owl’ s salvage yard.  No Jeeps, but the conversation covering local lore was well worth the stop.  We topped the evening off by a visit to one of the local casinos.  Jean, in a rare moment of wild abandonment, dropped a total of 30 cents in the slots and we called it a night.

Figure 21. Bayou tour east of New Orleans, Louisiana. (March 27, 2004)

Figure 22. Brian and Brian (l to r), proprietors of Owl’s Auto Repair and salvage yard

Bay Saint Lewis, Mississippi. (March 27, 2004)


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